GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System, Red/Black

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GAME GOLF is a small wearable system designed to seamlessly capture and display your golf game in a comprehensive, dynamic interface with stats, trends and information you can actually use. GAME GOLF captures real game data from the rounds you play, not your shots on the range. You will learn what you're really doing on the course and quickly see where you can improve. All of your round data is displayed shot-by-shot, hole-by-hole over satellite imagery of the course. See how far you hit each shot with the Club Performance analytics engine and compare your game stats against PGA pros or your weekend golf buddies. GAME GOLF is the perfect companion for any golfer who wants to know where they can improve their game.

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Funnily enough I saw the same boots at another car boot sale a week later but that lady wanted £10 for them and the;&#39yd been worn quite a bit. xx

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