Febreze Noticeables Gain Original Air Freshener Refill

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Here’s a fresh idea—an electric air freshener that alternates between two complementary scents, keeping your home noticeably fresh for 30 days. Febreze Noticeables is a convenient and inventive way to permanently eliminate underlying odors such as mustiness and pet smells, while releasing waves of warm, subtle fragrance. The alternating oils keep your nose on its toes, ensuring noticeable freshness, all month long. Just plug it and enjoy the air! Eliminates odors in the air caused by bacteria and freshens Trade up for long-lasting freshness with Febreze NOTICEables* (*vs. single chamber scented oil warmers) Advanced technology system that solves challenges common to other air fresheners Automatically alternates to keep your nose from getting bored Innovative warmer alternates between two complementary scents, so you?re sure to notice them all month long Available in a variety of scents Eliminates tough odors so they?re gone for good

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